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Magnetic Wireless Charging For Various Phones

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1. Customized ultra thin magnetic suction wireless fast charging for iPhone 12
2. Magnetic suction wireless charging, automatic adsorption, accurate alignment, make charging efficiency faster
3. Support 5W / 7.5w/10w/15w multi-mode charging, intelligent fast charging does not damage the machine
4. PC + ABS fireproof material, thickness is only 6 mm, ultra-thin wireless fast charging, portable and easy to carry
5. With 1 meter cable, it can move freely and play freely at any angle when charging
6. Passed CE, FCC, ROHS certification (recommended to be equipped with high power adapter above 18W)


Material: PC + ABS fireproof material
Product input: 5V = 2.4a 9V = 2A 12V = 1.5A
Product power: 5W / 7.5w/10w/15w
Product size: 60 * 6mm
Package size: 124 * 85 * 23mm
Wiring: 1m

Package Content:

1 x Wireless Charging

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