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Leg Squat Boxing Combat Training Resistance Bands

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Leg Squat Boxing Combat Training Resistance Bands Fitness Combat Fighting Resistance Force Agility Workout Exercise Equipment

1.This product can be used for basketball, volleyball and football sports training. Also for those people who have training needs.
2.More professional, more efficient. Have a great effect on improving leg strength, vertical bounce. Enhancing the leg muscle, chest strength, speed and agility.
3.Lightweight but Powerful: Fabric protector strong latex tube. Soft latex and rubber materials for comfort and safety use have lightweight.

Product volume: 30.0 cm * 21.0 cm * 8.0 cm
Material: TPE
Specifications: T1-Belt 1.1M, T2-Belt 1.1M, T1L-Belt 1.3M, T2L-Belt 1.3M
Color: orange, pink, green

Package Content:
1 set equipment


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