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Household Rotary Mop Wet and Dry Dual-use Hand-free Washing Mop

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1. Save space, labor, and water
2. Automatic elution, no manual lifting required
3. It can be used for large area decontamination, wet and dry
4. The pallet folding design can clean wall joints, ceilings, etc.

Water absorption: less than 10s
Mop material: microfiber
Mop bucket size: 34cm*20cm
Drive Type: single drive
Corrosion resistance: 10
Mopar load-bearing: 10KG or more
Dehydration rate: 90% (inclusive) - 100% (inclusive)
Rod material: stainless steel
Number of mops: 2
Telescopic length: 105cm-135cm
Accessory type: no basket
Mop lever type: Reinforcement rod + plastic tray

Package Content
1*Mop bucket
2*cloth or 4*cloth


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