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Can Cube Top Magic Colorful Beans Finger Spinning Relieves Stress

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It can be used as a palmtop, a can of cube top, and it can be used as a palmtop. Press the top and bottom to rotate it, move the palms and bones to exercise finger flexibility.
Game introduction:
Step 1:
Move a small ball of any color to the upper vacant position and put it on top. After disturbing the color positions of other balls, restore them.
Step 2:
Turn the module to move and replace beads of different colors. Module 1.2 can be linked. You can also press the middle axis with your fingers, and module 1.2.3 will be linked together. Module 3 can be rotated independently. Module 3.4.5 can be linked. Module 4.5 can be linked.
Step 3.
Practice to find out the rules of Rubik's Cube reduction. Through memory and space images, the colors of the beads in the 6 vertical slots are unified at the fastest speed.

Material: ABS
Function: Top, Rubik's Cube
Color: pink, green, orange, blue

Package Content:
1 x Magic Can Bean Toy

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