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Camping Tent Flashlight

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Camping tent flashlight
  1. This product is powered by 110-250v solar energy, which can be carried by hand and has the function of multi-in-one suspension
  2. Button1: lights up the headlights,
    Button 2: the lights on both sides
    Button 3: one side light is on,
    Button 4: power has been cut off.
  3. There is a large capacity maintenance-free rechargeable battery (1000MAH)
  4. Imported LED light bulb with green super bright white light patch, low energy consumption and high brightness
  5. Solar charging function
  6. Folding handle, more convenient to use

Technical indicators
Name: solar flashlight

  • material: ABS
  • power specification: built-in large capacity maintenance-free rechargeable battery (1000MAH)
  • three lighting modes: front flashlight/double side light/single side light
  • light source: LED
  • sunshine time: about 4-6 hours
  • application: outdoor lighting

Package including
1X solar flashlight
1 x charging line

  1. Do not leave it for a long time. Charge it for 4-6 hours every three months, or it will affect the battery life
  2. When the light is dim, charge your battery immediately.
  3. The charging time should not exceed 24 hours


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