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Cactus Plush Toy Electronic Shake Dancing Toy With The Song Plush Cute Dancing Cactus Early Childhood Education Toy For Children

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1. The toy can dance, sing, move, turn around.
2. It's good for early education. the toys will dance with the rhythm, attract children's attention.
3. The toy will dance for a few hours, bringing the child the happy time in a lifetime.
4. The best Christmas birthday gift for kids. Cheerful music and dancing are very suitable for creating a pleasant atmosphere and suitable for parties.


Category: Plush Doll
Modeling category: plant
Packing method: carton box
Filling material: PP cotton
Plush classification: short plush
Function: Music/voice
Processing method: sample customization
Origin: China
3Q configuration category: Toys over 14 years old
Color: English version, 3 English songs, Chinese 120 battery songs (including birthday songs), Chinese 120 recording tongue
Height: Dancing cactus 32cm (210g)
Applicable age: juvenile (7-14 years old)

Package Content


set: English version of three English songs + color box
A set: Three English songs (hat style) + color box

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