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Automatic Toothpaste Squeezer

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Material: ABS.

Specification:16*6*6 cm   +   11 * 5 *3.5cm

1. Fixed wall:

There are two ways to fix this toothpaste.

1) 3 m double-sided adhesive: gravity will automatically toothpaste of fixed metope is clean, use clean cloth to wipe, double-sided adhesive paste product suspension arm, out the other side of the membrane, the suspension arm to need metope, suitable for parts: smooth surfaces such as glass, ceramic tile, body. (with double-sided adhesive).

Hang the body of the toothpaste on the hanging arm. After the toothpaste has been opened, the head of the toothpaste is inserted into the top hole of the toothpaste tube (rotating or directly pushed in).

3, toothbrush and flat roof to toothpaste white switch parts groove surface (the bristles are up, to squeeze toothpaste to make it full of the whole guidance system and then pushing the toothbrush (5 ~ 8), to be shipped to toothpaste toothpaste apparatus of the container.

4. After all the tests are completed, the toothbrush will be pushed into the switch area at each time to squeeze out the necessary toothpaste.

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