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Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats and Puppies Smart Food Dispenser

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The batteries inside  will keep it working when power off.

The removable food tray and pet food container tank make it easy to clean up which would provide your pets with a cleaner and safer eating environment.  

Product description

Material: Plastic
Feeding: 4 times a day
Product Size: 30*24*38cm
Power Source: Battery or adapter
Suitable for: Medium Small Dog / Cat / Puppy 


Set once, Save permanently
Feeding 1-4 meals a day, each meal can be adjusted between 10-100g

PF-102 standard feed feeder features:

  1. 4.3L capacity, 
  2. custom voice,
  3. preset time. 
  4. call the number of meals, 
  5. recording function, 
  6. power supply priority,
  7. automatic feeding.
    PF-103 Deluxe Feeder:

    1. Real-time Video 
    2. Speech Interview 
    3. Remote Feeding 
    4. Calls
    5. Recording Function 
    6. Automatic Feeding
    7. Camera Function 
    8. Priority Power Supply
    9. Blue-light SD Touch Screen
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