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Professional Floor Cleaning System

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360 Degrees Shaft Rotates Aluminum Alloy Rod Floor Mop and Bucket Set Professional Floor Cleaning System

1.Aluminum Alloy Rod: The aluminum alloy rod is not easy to break, it is sturdy and durable, and the smooth surface is free from dirt.
2.Easy to Install: The stainless steel rod is not easy to damage rust. The mop cloth can be quickly installed and disassembled, which is simple and convenient
3.Effective Cleaning: The 360-degree shaft rotates freely, effectively removing dirt, and any dead corners are easily cleaned.
4.Space Saving: Vertical placement does not occupy space. Dry-wipe dust, wet wipe dirt.
5.Easy Storage: Removable handle for easy storage and space-saving.

Product Category: Mop and Mop Bucket Set
Mop type: flat mop
Telescopic length: 135CM
Splint size: 32*12CM
Mop material: superfine fiber
Corrosion resistance: 7.0-7.9 level
Dust push type: Velcro
Mop rod material: stainless steel
The weight of the mop rod: more than 10kg
Dehydration rate: 80%-90%
Color: White

Package Content:
1*Cleaning mop suit
2*Mop Cloth

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